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FREE BUILDING providers their EPS product, Polystyrene sheets a retreated as a product. Formulated foam polystyrene classified to ASTM C578 is covered with a moisture-resistant acrylic layer.

it's used as a basic element in thermal insulation processes and resistance to water absorption in the long term, and it is easy to make all shapes from it.

Parts of EPS are as follows



Extensive research has shown that Styrene monomer, the raw material for
the production of expandable polystyrene, is perfectly safe in use. Polystyrene has a maximum styrene content of
only 0.1% by weight .



About 6% of pentane is incorporated
into the expandable polystyrene granules as a blowing agent. It is a saturated
hydrocarbon, not to be confused with
(H)CFCs. Pentane is non-toxic and
constitutes no threat to the ozone layer.

Fire retardant

Fire retardant

EPS is available either with or without the fire retardant hexabromocyclodo decana (HBCD), which consitutes a weight of maximum 0.5% of the final producr. it's a cycloaliphatic fire retardant and not comparable

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Eng, Ahmed Muawad

Eng, Ahmed Muawad

Stop Group Founder

We worked with Quarty Studio for approximately 2 years on the complete overhaul of our house. This included the design of the project, and the execution of the work. Quarty provided excellent design ideas but were also indispensable in managing the practical side of the build.

Mr. Mahmoud Hashim

Mr. Mahmoud Hashim

All Media Founder
We engaged Paul Trueman of quarty Studio to manage the planning process and to design and manage a full renovation and remodelling of our 1930s house. We really enjoyed working with Paul. We would not hesitate to recommend Paul and Quarty.

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